William Henry Harrison High School

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Harrison High School Cheerleading

Athletic Core Values - Trust, Respect, Ownership, & Leadership.
             Athletic Mission – “Embrace Challenges, Overcome Adversity, & Lead by Example.”
Athletic Motto – Win the Day!
Welcome to the online home of Harrison Cheerleading. Please click on the links on the right to visit the various sections of our website.
5-both seasons
18-both seasons
19-both seasons
3-football only
15-football only
20-football only
10-football only
4-basketball only
12-basketball only
30-basketball only
9-basketball only
1-both seasons
2-both seasons
6-both seasons
7-both seasons
17-both seasons
23-both seasons
29-both seasons
41-both seasons
**Please make sure that you are at the mandatory meeting after school on May 10th. We will meet in room 132 right after school. Also you must email jamie.johnson@southwestschools.org by 3pm tomorrow accepting your spot
For try-outs please know the fight song and all chants that are located in the cheer example videos, try-out material, and https://youtu.be/sAT0AR72uLM.
Great website for hitting the correct motions!