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School counseling professionals at William Henry High School provide a comprehensive program of counseling services for students in grades 9 through 12. One way we provide our services is through a program called Naviance Family Connection.


Naviance Family Connection is utilized in the Counseling office and is made available to students and families. Naviance allows students to:

  • Research colleges and careers 
    • Naviance includes a powerful college search engine that can jumpstart the process for students
    • Naviance also includes different assessments that can recommend career fields for your student based on skills and interest.
    • Naviance provides multitudes of information regarding different careers: average wages based on location/city, required schooling/degrees, lists of required skills and assets typically needed in order to be successful within the career field, etc..
    • Students can search for colleges that may interest them based on a number of criteria (location, major, size, sport, programs, religious affiliation, etc.)
    • In the near future students will be able to compare GPA, SAT/ACT scores to historical data from our school for students who have been admitted to a specific college.
  • Keep track of the college search and application process
    • Keep track of prospective colleges and your level of interest in each
    • Senior year, you can check on the status of your transcript request(s) online
  • Schedule appointments with College Representatives
  • Study and prepare for the ACT test on Naviance's test prep program.
  • Find and apply for local scholarships as well as complete a National Scholarship Search, partnered with Sallie Mae.
  • Create a resume and complete a Game Plan.
  • Stay updated with communication from the Counselors via direct email.

In order to access the site you must log with your created student account. If you do not have this, please stop by the Guidance Office and they can help you with this.


College and Career Representatives Meeting Sign-ups

All juniors and seniors are strongly encouraged to attend the meetings with the college and career representatives that visit William Henry High School. Students should sign up for meetings at least 1 day in advance. Students can sign up for meetings through Family Connection.


The list of colleges coming to Harrison will be posted on the Family Connection site.


Students who sign up for meetings online will be given an College/Career Representative Pass that must be signed by the teacher and counselor. The teacher must give final approval for a student to miss class. Meetings with college/career representatives last approximately 50 minutes.


Registering to Use Naviance Family Connection

  1. Go to the Naviance Family Connection
  2. Students should enter his/her email address and password. (email: firstname.lastname@mywildcats.org, password :first initial capitalized last initial lowercase and lunch number). For example John Smith's email is john.smith@mywildcats.org and his password is Js123456.
  3. Click on the link on the left under "About College" for “Visit Schedule”
  4. Click "Sign Up" for the college meeting of choice
  5. Once in the desired college, click "Sign me up"
  6. Repeat this process for all colleges the student wishes to meet
  7. Students will receive a pass the day of the meeting.
  8. Take the pass to the teacher of the class the student will be missing. They must sign the pass showing that they approve an absence from their class on that day.
  9. Bring the signed pass to the college representative mee