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"The Callboard"

A quick-reference section where you can get caught up on all the latest news and announcements from the Directors... Right on the Home Page!  Bookmark this page and check back frequently! 
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 Drama Students and Parents,

Lots of important information and updates to pass along as we are now in full swing with rehearsals for "Little Shop of Horrors".
1.  FULL CAST & CREW MEETING - Our next Full Cast & Crew Meeting is coming up this Tuesday, September 26 at 3:00 PM in the Theater.  Attendance is mandatory for everyone  At this meeting:
     - Your Yankee Candle Fundraiser orders and payments are due.  Remember that each student is expected to sell AT LEAST 10 items.  If you are choosing the flat donation option, that amount is $80.  Not participating in any way is not acceptable.
     - By this point, you should have your 10 items already sold.  Use this weekend to wrap up extra sales - take the form to work, to church, to relatives houses, to neighbors houses, etc.  
     - Also at this meeting, your Show Shirt orders and payments are due.  (Print an order form in the Form Forum if you lost yours.)
2.  HOMECOMING PARADE - One final reminder, the Homecoming Parade is TOMORROW (Sunday, September 24).  Park or be dropped off behind Harrison Elementary, and then walk over to the Community Center and meet at 4:30 PM.  The Officers have the flyers that need to be passed out along the parade route.  Wear a Drama shirt, and bring water and good walking shoes.
3.  ACTIVITY FAIR - TECC Peer Mentoring is sponsoring an Activity Fair at lunch every day during the week of October 2.  Drama will have one day at the Activity Fair.  We will need 2-4 people during each lunch period to represent Drama, talking about our program, passing out flyers, and encouraging students to join in the spring.  You can only work during your lunch period, unless you have 5th bell study hall.  You cannot miss a class.  The Officers were given this information last week to organize.  Kelsi, please use the Teams page update the group with the date we have been assigned and handle sign ups for each lunch.
4.  MIAMITOWN HAUNTED HOUSE - This annual tradition is coming up on Wednesday and Thursday, October 25 and 26.  Call time is 5:30 PM at Miamitown Elementary each night, and the Haunted House runs from 6:30-8:30.  Mr. Kelly (Miamitown's Principal) will provide dinner each evening.  This is a public service we provide for the Miamitown PTA, and we also pass out flyers as folks leave to promote our show.  We have anywhere from 4-6 different rooms in their old boiler room hallway set up with a variety of themes.  The Officers were given this information two weeks ago to organize.  Kelsi, please use the Teams page to update the group with the various room themes, and handle sign ups for each room on each evening, as well as who is bringing the needed props.
5.  COMMUNICATION - The Drama website is:  southwestschools.org/drama.  This should be your first stop for information, including the Form Forum section where you will find additional copies of handouts if you lose one.  Everyone should also be signed up on the "Remind" app.  This is how we will communicate last-minute updates and reminders.  You should also check your email on a regular basis.
6.  DRAMA BOOSTERS - If your family has not yet signed up for Drama Boosters, now is the time to do so.  You can print another copy of the membership form from the Form Forum if you lost the first one.  The Boosters spend countless hours working throughout the year to generate funds to support your students.  As the saying goes, many hands make light work.  If you cannot attend our monthly meetings, there are several volunteer opportunities throughout the year to fit a variety of work schedules.  Do your share!  


WEBSITE – There is now an easier way to get to the Drama website, without navigating through lots of menus.  Just go to southwestschools.org/drama. Simple as that.  Make sure you check the website often, as you are responsible for important information placed there by the Directors. 


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DRAMA BOOSTERS MEETING:  The next Drama Boosters meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 10, at 7:00 PM in the Wildcat Room.  Get involved with the Boosters and support our Drama program!

CALENDAR:  Click HERE to check the Calendar page for meeting dates, due dates, and special event information.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:  Click HERE to find out how YOU can get involved!

CONTACTS:  To contact a Director, Booster Officer, or Club Officer via email, click HERE for the Organization page.

LOSE A HANDOUT?  Find and print it in the "Form Forum"