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Michele Bassanelli Featured in Italian Newspaper

Michele Bassanelli, Italian native and current exchange student at Harrison High School, was recently profiled in an Italian newspaper.  
Here is the English translation, using Google Translate:
High school in the United States:
welcomed as a son

To Michele Bassanelli is an experience "exchange student", a different adventure and broader than, for example, Erasmus University. First of all because he, who hails from the city district of Loreto (where she lives with her parents and Robert Jordan, and two younger brothers Matthew and Camilla), is younger: he has 17 years, and after attending the first three years of high school science to Mascheroni, is attending the fourth year in the United States to "Harrison High School 'Harrison, a village of 8000 inhabitants 20 minutes away from Cincinnati, in southwestern Ohio.
And also because the exchange also provides hospitality by a local family, which becomes a bit 'his (Michele as the other exchange students call "Mom" and "Dad" host parents) for a certain period of time : in this case, about one year.

Choice matured in second

"When I was in the second year of the Mascheroni - she says Michele - I became aware of the possibility of doing a year abroad with the association Ef (Education First), which intrigued me a lot: I was confronted with my parents, who supported me in this project, and I sent my application. I had to follow a long process, by posting a video talking about me, and answering many questions about my life, my interests and my habits, and then I was taken. "

"Unlike other similar projects - explains Michele -, in my case my host family is unpaid, but in return can choose which student welcome: I am the second Italian who welcomed, because the bond and love for our country are very strong. " To host they are Tracy (Christian of 36 years, Patricia 33, Katelan children aged 8 and 6 Audrey, not to mention Miriam, the Spanish exchange student contemporary of Michael who has become his "sister" during the trading period) .

"I left for the States on July 20, 2016 - explains the Bergamo student - I spent three days in New York and then I arrived in Ohio, where in mid-August I started school." It is at this point that, after the first few weeks of adjustment, has begun the real experience. "The first day of school - he says - has been dramatic. I knew no one, and I had to get used to listen to the American accent that, although a bit 'with the English I was doing, it is difficult to understand. However, I was immediately helped by my companions in school everyone knows that come from outside and are looking for you, so I quickly set and today I can say I find me really well. "

"In the school - continues Michael - there are more than a thousand students, each attended different" classes "(materials, courses) of your choice, so you change the classroom and group of comrades from hour to hour: between those who follow me some are not in Italy, as American law, and uS history. I was lucky enough (does not work well for all exchange programs, even within my association) to be able to attend the classes necessary to allow me, ended this year, to complete their high school diploma. Back in Italy be attending the fifth year of high school, and I will support the maturity ".

One of the main engines of aggregation was for Michele sport: "Here - says - take a lot of sports activities as well as in extracurricular activities, have a very different view than we do. In every season which divides the year I attended several sports: cross-country race in the fall, swimming in winter and perhaps athletic next spring. I once competed in a school competition dives, breaking the record then exists: my American parents were delighted, the newspaper of the country I dedicated an article with photography, his teammates stopped me in the halls to congratulate me and I was appointed "athlete of the week" of the school. Not to mention what are the exciting football games of the school teams are real events with choreography, band, cheerleaders and spectators dressed with a different theme every week. "

"Another event that I will never forget - explains Michele - is a ceremony that was held in honor of war veterans, who participated in the whole school. The sense of community of Americans and their attachment to the homeland are among the most beautiful things I've experienced: they make you feel part of something important and this has been very educational for me, coming from outside, from another less patriotic culture ยป.
With the family that is hosting the Michele is really good, "I am very kind - he explains - and organize a lot of things with me: we visited several places, and one of the trips that I liked the most was the one in Chicago, where we made a big expense in a popular chain of Italian food shops: i Tracy vie for our food especially when, once a week, I'll cook it. "

On May 24 at Harrison will be the ceremony of the diploma, and in June Michele will return home in Bergamo. "Of course I'm sorry - he says - especially because I know that I will not see ever again most of the many people I knew, but I will not stay here. Now I want to experience all the way, but after I go back. Some of my companions will stay for the university, and I had decided to stay only a year and so I will. Also because I do not have clear ideas about my future: I know that the field of study that I like is that of relations and international law, but for the moment I do not have specific plans. "

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